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Career Resources for Switzerland

Career Planning

Further Education

Job Boards


Job Application: Resume & Cover Letter (Swiss Style)

- CV Creator with instructions:

- General information:

- Samples and templates:

Job Reference Letters/Letters of Recommendation

Employment/Labor Market Data & Trends

Volunteer Work Opportunities


Career Resources for the USA

Resume & Cover Letter

STAR method for the bullet points in your resume/CV

Tips for Scannable Resumes (ATS)

Analyze & Compare Your Resume with the Job Posting using AI

Job Boards, Company & Industry Information, Labor Market Information & Salary Surveys 


H-1B Visa Sponsors' Database

Employers who have petitioned for H-1Bs in the past. This site also shows employers who have sponsored for Permanent Residency (Green Card).

Studying in Switzerland


Self-Assessments: Choosing a Major

Study Programs in Switzerland

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