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Welcome to my practice. 

I am Caroline Bucher.

I love my life and love what I do. 


I am passionate about helping people increase their self-awareness to find meaning, purpose and

happiness in their lives. It is my intention to support people in finding meaningful work that fits

with who they are and what they want. I assist them to find a new career, reinvent their existing one, navigating their education and making sound choices that are in alignment with their goals and dreams. 

Work and life are inextricably linked. Career and educational challenges have a strong emotional component. Clients come to me struggling with frustration, stress, job burnout, and decisional

dilemmas. Often times they lack joy, energy and motivation or simply need someone they can

talk to. As a professional counselor and Humanist/Interfaith caregiver, I offer a non-judgmental

listening ear. As an empathetic listener and reflective partner, I provide a safe, confidential place to

share what's going on in their life. It would be my honor to help YOU clarify and manifest your goals.

Work Experience 

I have been working as a career counselor in public and non-profit career centers in Switzerland and in Silicon Valley/USA. I also worked as an academic advisor and career counselor in higher education.

Being bi-cultural and having lived in the US and Switzerland, I gained multicultural experiences and international perspectives. I draw from various career experiences, best practices, theories and tools from both worlds. I use assessments that are widely used in the US, in top universities and colleges (Harvard, Stanford University, etc. ), in HR, and world-wide that meet highest standards of validity/reliability. I also apply advanced methodologies in career counseling such as Design Thinking (Stanford University). 

As I love to listen to people, their passions, joys and concerns, and as I value connecting deeply, 

I completed training at Stanford Hospital for their Spiritual Care Service. With an interfaith/humanist approach, I served believers, non-believers and everyone in between with an empathetic ear and as a reflective partner. This is what I continue to offer in my private practice.


  • Master of Arts in Counseling/Counseling Psychology, Santa Clara University, CA, USA

  • Master of Advanced Studies in Career, College, and Vocational Counseling, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Zurich, Switzerland

  • Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies, Philosophy and Theology, University of Bern, Switzerland 

  • Teacher's College of Kreuzlingen, Switzerland 


  • Nationally Certified Career Counselor, State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation Switzerland

  • Certified MBTI I Administrator, GS Consultants, San Francisco, CA, USA

  • Certified NLP Practitioner, Landsiedel Training, Hamburg, Germany

  • Certified Volunteer in Spiritual Care, Stanford Hospital, Stanford, CA, USA

  • Coursework in Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Transactional Analysis, Jungian Psychology, and Gestalt Process

  • Teaching Credential, K-6, Switzerland


  • AGAB Schweizerische Arbeitsgemeinschaft für akademische Berufs- und Studienberatung (Swiss Association for Academic Advisors and Information in Higher Education)

  • Profunda Suisse Verband der Fachleute für Laufbahnentwicklung (Swiss Association for Career Development Professionals)

  • ACA American Counseling Association

  • NCDA National Career Development Association

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