Personality Assessment

This session includes a feedback session that will increase your self-understanding and how your personality affects many areas of your life, of your work and your personal life. Many clients report how this assessment is a real eye-opener pertaining their personality and their personal interactions including their marriages. You will receive a 26-page report that covers 

the following applications:

  • Your Work Style 

  • Your Communication Style 

  • Your Team Style 

  • Your Decision-Making Style 

  • Your Leadership Style 

  • Your Conflict Style 

  • How Stress Impacts You 

  • Your Approach to Change 


Prior to the session you will be asked to complete an online questionnaire (15-20 min). In the feedback session we will verify the results and consider it's implications for various areas of your life. One session of 2 hours plus a 26-page report. Please contact me for a free consultation first. 


Personality & Interests Assessment combined

How often have you stopped to think about our career choices in terms of your own needs? Between study and job hunting? If you are leaving university soon, or job searching, or considering a career change, this is the assessment for you.

I use inventories and psychometrics to offer a complete career development picture based on a combined interpretation of your personality and professional interests. The assessments belong to the world's most known and empirically most respected inventories, used widely throughout universities, colleges, and personal development. In addition to a 26-page personality report, you will get a 9-page long detailed interest report. This highly personalized report paints a clear picture of how your specific interests and preferences link to various jobs, work settings, and career fields. It enables you to discover your true interests in order to expand your career options and chart a plan of action toward fulfilling career choices.

Prior to each the two sessions you will be asked to complete online questionnaires (20 min & 30 min). During the session we will verify the results and consider it's implications for your career & life decisions. Two sessions, each 2 hours, 4 hours total. Please contact me for a free consultation first.

Other Assessments & Tests

I administer and interpret a wide variety of assessments that focus on interests, values, skills, 

personality, stress management/burnout, career beliefs, life satisfaction, and areas of improvement for happiness.