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Career Counseling  

I work with a variety of clients:

  • Career changers 

  • Job seekers

  • Mid-career professionals

  • Stay-at-home parents

  • Re-entry clients

  • College students approaching graduation or recently graduated 

  • Company employees

  • Individuals nearing retirement

  • Individuals who are interested in self-exploration

Here are specific areas I can help you with ​to create a life and career that is meaningful and fulfilling:

  • Personal and Career Exploration

  • Career and Personality Assessment Evaluations

  • "Thinking Big": Ideation of Life and Career Options 

  • International & American Resume and Cover Letter Review

  • Swiss Resume and Cover Letter Review

  • Decision Making 

  • Overcoming Career Roadblocks

  • Professional and Life Goal Setting

  • Job Search and Networking Strategies

  • Work/Life Balance, Burnout Prevention and Recovery

  • Work Satisfaction and Work Relationships

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